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Laser Plastic Welding Seminar-A Roadmap for Engineers

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Join Dukane's Laser Welding Experts and explore the possibilities of Laser Plastic Welding for manufacturing your plastic parts and components. This seminar will map out the complete process for bringing your laser welded application from concept to reality.

 Engineers, designers, and manufacturing leads will learn about design best practices, common pitfalls, materials selection, the development process, production concepts, and equipment selection. Dukane‚Äôs  will also cover all of the various laser welding process types and how to select the right one for your application.

  • Introduction
  • What is Laser Plastic Welding Process?
  • 1 vs 2 Micron Lasers - What is right for my application?
  • Material & Color Considerations
  • Design & Part Geometry Considerations
  • Molding Considerations
  • Production Considerations and Pitfalls

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